4 beginner fitness struggles and how to deal

4 beginner fitness struggles and how to deal

No one has ever popped out of the womb as a seasoned exercise guru. Even fitness freaks were beginners once. Which means that everyone has gone through the bs of being fresh to the fitness scene.

Fitness beginners, this is for you. We’ve drummed up 4 top beginner-related fitness questions and added our two-cents. Don’t just quit - learn how to deal!

1. How do I deal with the excruciating beginners’ pain?

Exercise-related pain is common when first starting out. Muscle soreness and fatigue are commonly due to lactic acid buildup from your workout. It’s not fun and makes even the best of us want to lie down and die.
There are a ton of ways to combat this kind of pain, but we came across a few that are real winners:
  1. Stretching: The obvious but sometimes ignored method of pain management. Stretching reduces this fatigue, increases blood circulation to your muscles, and will help your muscles recover faster. 
  2. Foam roller: Much like stretching, a foam roller increases blood circulation. But, unlike stretching, rollers directly help break down knots and release muscle tightness.
  3. Fish oil: A natural, high-quality oil containing EPA and DHA. All you need to know is that those two fatty acids reduce inflammation. Read more here.
  4. Magnesium: Magnesium helps nerves and muscles chill the f out. This chill pill (or oil) also helps to block extra calcium from absorbing into your muscles. Which, if you didn’t know, calcium helps muscles to contract. Good for working out, bad for trying to fight spasms.

2. How do I get better workout results?

Exercise is literally for altering ourselves in some way. Whether those alteration goals are for physical, mental, or health changes, it's easy to become discouraged when you don't experience immediate results.

There's no fast-track for change but you can definitely help yourself achieve better results with these two tips: 

  1. Sticking to compound movements: This means doing a full body workout with dynamic movements. That kind of workout burns more calories and builds muscle. Still not sure what to do? Hit up a fitness class. You’ll have fun, be guided, and learn a lot.
  2. Frequency: We get it, the beginning is tough. The worst things you can do are scaling back on gym sessions or quitting. You won’t get results by working out once a week. Push yourself to tackle fitness at least 3 times a week. Work your way up. Slowly but surely, working out won’t be a pain in the ass.

3. Why am I not feeling the burn from my routine anymore?

Ah, the love/hate relationship that comes with a good burn. But sometimes, after exercising for a while, your body might stop feeling that sweet, sweet fatigue.
There are two possible reasons why:
  1. Your body is maxed out on that routine! So congratulate yourself because you’re getting more badass. Up the intensity (duration, reps, weight, etc) or switch to different movements for the muscle groups targeted in your routine.
  2. You’re not doing it right. If you’re exercising properly, the pain never really goes away. So if you’ve just started and aren’t feeling the burn anymore, check your form. Ask a friend or trainer to watch for possible slip-ups. 

4. What’s the best time of day to work out?

If the idea of rising before the sun makes you violent or heading to the gym after a long day at work sounds like hell, guess what? Time of day doesn’t matter.
Each time of day has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The only time when timing actually matters, are peak gym times. Just check with your gym if you want to avoid clusters of people.

Bonus tip!

Did you know that gear really does impact athletic performance? 

Make sure you snag a pair of squat-proof leggings for better, deeper, and more badass squats! 

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