4 Ways to Get Motivated for Your Workout

4 Ways to Get Motivated for Your Workout

For most sane people, motivation to work out doesn’t come naturally. What comes naturally is sitting on a couch with a jar of Nutella and a spoon.

Using Pinterest to outsource motivation generates a slew of cheesy motivational quotes like, “Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday.” Gag. If we wanted that kind of motivation, we’d call our Mom.

Sometimes the best motivation is loud, sarcastic and a little twisted. Take ownership of your fitspo with these four things:


Spotlight snatching shirts

Nothing says ‘get off your ass and go work out like a shirt that quite literally, projects a ‘get your shit together and put in work’ attitude. Bonus: You’re not only motivating yourself but someone else who’s struggling to finish their workout *high-five for community*.

1. There’s magic in the ponytail-adjust move.


2. Still unsure if we’re impressed or concerned about the kind of people who sustain workout motivation by the sheer fact that they didn’t die. We’re motivated by wine. Apples and oranges, friends.


3. Some light disparaging words of encouragement should do the trick.


4. An oldie but a goodie. A small reminder that you’re your best motivator. Set goals and smash them.


Powerful leggings

When your ass looks good, you feel good. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. With leggings so punchy, how could you not run out (literally) and show the world?

1. You’re a badass. Your ass is badass. Label yourself with badass-ery. If anything, you’ll feel guilty if you wear these and sit on your ass. That counts as motivation, right? 


2. These bad boys glow in the dark. You’ll be reminded of your fierceness whether you’re running at night or working out in a dark gym (a little creepy, but you do you).


3. Wear and practice what you preach with leggings that literally say motivated.


4. These leggings pack a super punch. Make your superpower the ability to knock out a killer workout. 



A kickass support community/group

Dressing the part is only half the motivation battle. Support from others who have ridden the same struggle bus as you are effective.

We have a pretty awesome fitness community. Connect, inspire and grow with the Fitness Programming By CVG Facebook group. Join and experience weekly workouts, giveaways, and fellow badasses that are there to inspire and motivate through words and actions. Less touchy-feely, more toughy-sassy.


A high-energy playlist

What's worse than forgetting your headphones for the gym? Not having an adrenaline rushing, beat thumping playlist. Follow the #cvgsquatsquad playlist on Spotify!   


Hating exercise isn’t uncommon. ‘Natural’ motivation takes time to build. Start with something small, like a sarcastic shirt, as the tangible encouragement that sparks your fitness fire.

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