The Top 17 Tanks & Leggings For Your Next Spartan Race

The Top 17 Tanks & Leggings For Your Next Spartan Race

I am a Spartan!!! We all love screaming these words before running through the mud and facing the first obstacles of a Spartan Race. Spartan Races are a fun way to get exercise, but we can only perform if we look and feel our best. Our solution to look and feel great for your next Spartan race are these 17 Tank Tops, Leggings and Gym Items to make your day on the mountain seem like a jog with some friends!!!


1.   Ok Fine, I'll Run But I'm Going To Complain The Whole Time Tank Top


 Let's be honest with each other, we would rather walk 



2.  I'm Already Planning What I'm Going To Eat After This Tank Top

You need to go in with a plan, what are we eating after this?


3.  Comic Book Leggings

Dress like a Super Hero for this Spartan race, you're competitors will never see you coming. You'll need the strength.


4. A Little Mud Never Hurt Anyone Tank Top

You're going to get muddy, but that never hurt anybody.


5. I'm Sorry For What I Said During Burpees Tank Top

We all say things we don't mean in the heat of the moment.



6. I Need Something That's More Than Coffee But Less Than Cocaine Tank Top

You need an energy boost for this race



7. Black and White Skull Leggings

Classic design. Intimidate your opponents.



8. But Did You Die Though Sugar Skull Tank Top

You are a Spartan Race veteran, let the rookies know it's not that hard.


9. Fitness Level: Not Terrible But Definitely Enjoys Donuts Shirt

This is just a reminder, all the shirts you see are available in Men's and Women's, 9 colors and tank or tee shirt!! Sizes Small - XXL.



10. Badass Sports Bra

You're a badass, wear it on your sports bra. Pairs well with the Badass pair of reversible leggings.



11. If You're Running With Me Be Prepared To Walk Tank Top

Be honest, we're not running the whole time. Let's get ready to walk.



12. All I Care About Is Running & Like Two Other People Tank Top

All we care about is friends and finishing this race!



13. Savage Sports Bra

Savage Sports Bra, seen here with our Ombre and Skulls reversible leggings.



14. Never Mess With A Girl Who Does Burpees For Fun Tank Top

Those are the girls that you do not want to mess with.



15. Forget Skinny I'm Training To Become A Bad Ass Tank Top

Are you seeing the badass theme? This is why we are here, not to be skinny, to kick some ass.



16. Gun Shorts

Stay strapped for the race with these gun shorts. Comfortable and stylish seen here paired with our badass bra.



17. Friends That Sweat Together Stay Together

Run as a team or a tandem with this awesome team tank!



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