✔ CVG leggings are designed for you to squat safely and stretch confidently. Our squat proof leggings will make sure that no one will see whatever you're wearing (or not wearing) underneath. 🍑

✔ CVG leggings are designed for you to move freely. Our stunning fit and seriously amazing fabric will make sure that your leggings don't slip, sag or slide. Say NO to saggy leggings and capris! 🛑

✔ CVG leggings and workout gear are designed to make you look and feel your absolute best. When you try on Constantly Varied Gear leggings & capris you may never buy leggings from another place again. 😍

...Oh, and don't forget pockets! We have pockets on our workout leggings and capris that will blow your mind. 🎁

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✔ We know how challenging it can be to find a bra that fits perfectly. That’s why CVG offers a variety of designs to help you find your perfect fit, regardless of your bra size! ✨

✔ 4 Unique Designs: Butterfly Back, Move Free Y-Strap, Front Zipper Bra, & Longline Bra

✔ Low, Medium, and High Impact Support Options Available!

✔ Removable padding with the Butterfly Back,Move Free Y-Strap, & Longline Designs! 🔥

✔ Super soft material and an extremely comfortable fit regardless of the style you choose!

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