Buying The Perfect Holiday Gift For Her - CVG's Buying Guide For Men

Buying for woman is tough. They're sizing is weird. They always seem to have a lot of measurement numbers for this or that. And the pricing, ridiculous! Why do companies charge an arm and leg for something that you can see though? What's the point. Constantly Varied Gear knows that, and we are here to help.

We know the pressure to make your gift better than last year's. This holiday we set out to make that as easy as possible for you to buy for her. Wife, Fiancee, Girlfriend, Mother, Sister or friend... we can help.

Our clothing is all labeled with traditional sizing specs: XS - XXL. That's all Leggings, Bras and Shirts. No measuring, no decoding, just straight up sizing.

Starting at just $34.99 for leggings and $29.99 for sports bras, all of our pricing is reasonable. You may think $10 for a pair of leggings is acceptable, but you get what you pay for. Working out is stressful and very public, you don't want that to be affected because you bought budget leggings for your significant other that everyone can see through at the gym. We are home of the Squats Approved™ Leggings, which means every pair of our leggings is made for quality, designed for working out and guaranteed to NOT be see through. 

We are designed in the USA and we ship from the USA. When you reach out to customer service, you talk to a real person, who works just 50 feet from where you product was pressed, folded, packaged and shipped all by hand in house.

If you are unsure on sizing, our exchanges and returns are easy and quick. We have electronic receipts by email, so you will never lose it. 

So this holiday season, get something you know she'll love from people who do this for a living. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at or click the live chat button in the bottom right hand corner and talk to our support team. 

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