Train Like A Hero - Preparation for Murph - Week 3

Train Like A Hero - Preparation for Murph - Week 3


Week 3 - It’s getting close!  This week we have an AMRAP for you.  Be sure to stay consistent with moving for this one.  Try to continuously be chipping away at the reps.  In the last few minutes push hard for a strong finish.


Featured Outfit:

Land of the Free Tank/Tee and Blue Shorts.


Week 3 Workout:

200 Meter Run (about 1/8 mile)
20 Pull-ups
25 Push-ups
30 Air Squats 


*NOTE* This workout is only meant to be done ONCE.  The remainder of the week should be your normal training.

For standards and a "how to" for each movement please see our Exercise Movement Library



1) Bench Press - 4 x 6

2) Bent over rows - 4 x 8



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Good Luck!! Post your results below!


Thank you for checking out our Train Like A Hero - 4 Weeks of Murph Training. We have 1 more week coming up, but for more great workouts by Constantly Varied Gear, check out our Fitness Programming By CVG Facebook page with weekly workouts to win free gear!

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