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7 Days of Sweat-worthy Outfits

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We don’t know about you, but we don’t glisten and sparkle during training. We’re sweaty, badass monsters.

If you’re working out hard, you’re sweating like satanic hell-fire is blazing under your ass. So, unless you’re a unicorn who doesn’t sweat, this means no re-wearing leggings or sports bras for the next training session.

Doing laundry every three days for clean gear is a drag. Take the chore out of getting dressed with 7 outfits that will take you through a week of feeling pumped while staying fresh.


1. Monday: The Walking Un-Dead


    2. Tuesday: The F.B.B. (fresh brew and boys)


      3. Wednesday: The Kill ‘em with Sweetness


      4. Thursday: The Cirque du Sol-Carbs

      crazy carbs outfit

      5. Friday: The Reverse Doggy

       puppy outfit reverse leggingsreverse multicolored leggings

      6. Saturday: The Two-Faced Savage

      camo skull eat right savage outfitreverse badass skull camo leggings

      7. Sunday: The Thick n’ Strapped

       gun leggings thick thighs outfit


      *Disclaimer: You will eventually have to do laundry. Sorry, these outfits aren’t that kind of magical.

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