How CVG Decides On Legging Designs - New Paint Splatter Leggings

How CVG Decides On Legging Designs - New Paint Splatter Leggings

Have you ever wondered how CVG decides on legging designs?

The truth is, for the most part, we don't.  Our fans do!  Take for instance our brand new Paint Splatter Capri Leggings, that design passed through several chain of commands.  Here's how the process went for the new Paint Splatter design:

1.  The CVG VIP Mailing List

The awesome people on our VIP mailing list helped us decide by placing a vote on which design they liked the best.  The choices were:



If I'm being honest, the Skull & Roses design has collected the most votes.  However, we decided to save this design to release closer to Halloween.  So keep an eye out for it then!  Paint Splatter came in a VERY close 2nd place.


2.  The CVG Instagtam

So after Paint Splatter received so many votes from our mailing list, we decided to take it over to our Instagram followers.  We made the leggings and posted it to Insta.  We asked them to 👍 or 👎.  It was an overwhelming 👍.



3.  The CVG Private FB Group

The final test before bringing this design to life was through our private FB group: Fitness Programming By CVG.  This group is made up of 2,500 people that do weekly workouts, share fitness tips and motivation, and compete for weekly giveaways.  They also help us decide on if a new product is a hit or a miss.  

Another overwhelming thumbs up from our friends in the group.

It was a long process, but our fans and followers have decided.  So finally, they're here!  Thanks for the help everyone.  Keep an eye out for new things coming soon :) 


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