How To Do Air Squats - Workout Exercises

How To Do Air Squats - Workout Exercises

 Air Squats

how to do air squats


1.  Begin in a standing position with feet standing just outside shoulder width with toes slightly angled out.

2.  Bend at your knees by driving knees outward.

3.  Drop down to a below parallel position.  Keep your chest facing up.  Do not fold.

4.  Stand up by driving knees outward.


In this video Kelsea is demonstrating an air squat.  The air squat is possibly one of the most basic forms of exercises.  However it is very easy to do this movement incorrectly.  

Here are a few tips for keeping good form while doing the air squat:

  • Swing arms by your side to help with momentum.
  • Drive knees out to the side rather than straight over your toes.
  • Squat to full depth and bounce out of the bottom.

Here are a few workouts you can do with air squats.

  • 300 air squats for time.
  • 7 rounds of time of:  50 air squats, 30 seconds rest.
  • 8 mins of as many air squats as possible of jumping lunges.

 Kelsea is wearing our Mesh Workout Leggings in this video.


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