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How To Do Box Jumps & Box Step-ups - Exercises

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Box Jumps & Box Step-ups

how to do box jumps



  1. Begin by standing with feet shoulder width stance.
  2. Swing arms backwards then forwards while bending at the knees.
  3. Use momentum to jump off the ground.
  4. Land with both feet planted on top of the box.
  5. Stand up tall to complete the movement.


Box jumps are a great exercise for working all parts of your legs and glutes.  If done at a fast pace it can also be a great cardio movement that will really get you breathing hard.

This may be a difficult move for some people so we have also included a modification for this movement.  This scale would be box step ups.  Check out the video.


    • Standard height for a women's box jump is 20 inches.
    • Challenging height for a women's box jump is 24 inches.
    • Standard height for a men's box jump is 24 inches.
    • Challenging height for a men's box jump is 30 inches.
    • Be sure to stay safe and always stay focused on the box.  Your shins will thank you.

     Kelsea is wearing our Mesh Leggings in this video.



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