How To Do Jumping Lunges - Workout Exercises

How To Do Jumping Lunges - Workout Exercises

 Jumping Lunges

how to do jumping lunges


1.  Begin at a standing position.  Feet aligned under your hips.

2.  Extend 1 foot forward while extending your other foot backgrounds.

3.  Bring you back knee to the ground while keeping your front leg's shin vertical.

4.  Thrust momentum upward into a jump by driving up from your front foot's heal.

5.  Switch legs while jumping and repeat steps 1-5.


In this video Kelsea is demonstrating the jumping lunge.  The jumping lunge is great for working your quads and glutes.  This movement is most successful when being done in high reps.  

Here are a few workouts you can do with just jumping lunges.

  • 250 jumping lunges for time.
  • 7 rounds of time of:  40 jumping lunges, 30 seconds rest.
  • 8 mins of as many reps as possible of jumping lunges.

 Kelsea is wearing our Comic Book leggings in this video.


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