How To Do Pike Handstand Push-ups

How To Do Pike Handstand Push-ups

Pike Handstand Push-ups

pike handstand push-ups



  1.   Begin with your feet and hands on the ground.
  2.   Push your butt up into the air and extend arms upward.
  3.   Point the top of your head towards the ground.
  4.   Bend your elbows and lower your head to the ground.
  5.   Touch your head to the ground and press back up. 


  • The closer you position your hands to your feet the more challenging it'll be.
  • Make this movement even more challenging by putting your feet up high on a box or bench.

Pike handstand push-ups is a great shoulder exercise.  Attempt different variations to find the proper ability level.  Check out the video to see more:

 Kelsea is wearing our Mesh Leggings in this video.


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