How To Do Toes To Bar (strict) - Workout Exercises

How To Do Toes To Bar (strict) - Workout Exercises

Toes To Bar (strict) & Knee Raises

how to do toes to bar


1.  Activate your lats.

2.  Raise your knees.

3.  Extend your legs and feet.

4.  Touch your toes to the bar.


In this video Kelsea is demonstrating strict toes to bar and knee raises.  Strict toes to bar is an awesome exercise to strengthen your core.  Another great variation of this would be the kipping toes to bar.  

If toes to bar are too difficult then you can modify with knee raises.  As the knee raises become easier over time try to move up to toes to bar.

    Here are a few other core strengthening exercises:

    • v-ups
    • hollow rocks
    • sit-ups
    • planks
    • dead bug
    • evil wheels

     Kelsea is wearing our Mesh Workout Leggings in this video.


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