Show Off Your Ink With The 12 Best Tank Tops and Leggings For Tattoo Lovers

Show Off Your Ink With The 12 Best Tank Tops and Leggings For Tattoo Lovers

Tattoos are an artistic way to express and display your body. Tattoos and fitness go hand and hand. Be yourself and display your body art with these stylish tank tops, workout shirts and leggings that will highlight that sick ink you worked so hard for. As creative and stylish as the stuff your tattoo artist dreams up. Go to the gym and show off your art with these 12 Tanks, Shirts, Leggings and Bras. Then start saving for your next tattoo!!


1.   I'll Never Chase A Man, But If He Has Tattoos & Muscles I Might Just Power-Walk Tank Top

You are beautiful, inked and independent. You don't need anyone... buttttt if a guy with some muscles and a beard walked by... you could be convinced to see where it goes. Available in 9 colors! 



2.  Dirty Nerdy Inked & Curvy Tank Top

Your tattoos allow you to show your personality as an art form. Wear this tank to tell people who you really are!! Available from S - XXL


3.  Tattoos Pretty Eyes & Thick Thighs Tank Top

It's like a dating resume on a shirt. Available in Tank or Tee.


4. Sugar Skull Leggings

You didn't get those tattoos to cover them up. Show them off in this comfortable and stylish gym out. Pictured here with matching Sugar Skull sports bra.


5. My Body My Tattoo My Choice So Fuck You Tank Top

This one speaks for itself. Available in 9 colors.



6. Savage Sports Bra

Our sports bras are comfortable and stylish. Minimal and classic. Shown here with our Marilyn Shorts



7. Tattoos & Fitness Shirt

Two things you love! All shirts seen can be made in Men's Tee Shirt



8. I'm Getting Tired Of Being Too Broke For New Tattoos Tank Top

Tattoos are expensive!! Maybe people will give you some extra cash if you wear this tank. Shop here.


9. I Eat Carbs, Swear & Lift A Lot Tank Top

This shirt displays the attitude of tattooed gym goers everywhere! Comfortable and Stylish racer back tanks.



10. Badass & Camo Skulls Reversible Leggings

Comfortable and practical leggings that transfer from the gym to your everyday life! These are reversible, so you get more bang for your buck! 



11. Sorry, I Only Like Guys With Tattoos Tank Top

Unfortunately guys, if you are inked, she's not interested. Available in 9 colors.



12. Yes I Have Tattoos An Education And A Career Tank Top

Don't let people judge you. You are a successful independent tattooed woman! Available from S - XXL.



Bonus Items

Everything Hurts And I'm Dying Tank Top

Don't act dramatic, say it on a tank! Available from S - XXL.



Additional Items Coming Soon...

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