The 12 Best AF Shirts For The Gym To Define Who You Really Are

The 12 Best AF Shirts For The Gym To Define Who You Really Are

We already had OMG, LOL, and WTF, but our favorite acronym for the gym is actually AF. Abbreviating "as fuck" as AF has been happening for a while, but it was never actually spoken aloud as much as it is now. Some pronounce it "A Eff" and others simply "af." either way we know how you feel. We made these these AF centric tank tops and paired them with some bad ass leggings for your workout. So pick one that represents you and get to the gym!!!


1. Almost Pulled A Muscle Trying To Give AF Tank Top

This shirt sums us up perfectly! Don't waste time worrying about things you can't control. Available in 9 colors! 



2.  Rap Legends Leggings

These leggings are super comfortable and have all of your favorite rap legends on them! Perfect for the person who doesn't give AF about anything but hip hop.


3.  Sometimes I'm Healthy AF & Sometimes I Use Cookies As A Spoon For Ice Cream Tank Top

It's called balance...Sizes S - XXL.


4. Patriotic AF Tanks

Let them know where you're from with these regional favorites.  Available in S - XXL


5. Motivated AF But Could Also Eat A Whole Pizza Tank Top

Why workout so hard if you cant crush an entire pizza every once and a while. Available in Tank and Tee Shirt.



6. Gun Strapped Leggings

These leggings are perfect AF. They are super comfortable and like all CVG leggings, they are SQUATS APPROVED!!



7. Mermaid AF Tank Top

Sure you might not believe, but we do. And we know we are mermaids inside. Available in 9 Colors. 



8. Seasonal AF Tank Tops

What better way to spread your joy of various holidays than with a tank top. Available in Tee Shirt too!!


9. Heatlhy AF Headband

You need that crazy gym hair to stay in one place. Why not use a nice colorful headband that let's bitches know. Available in 33 designs.



10. Christmas AF Tank Tops

What a perfect way to spread holiday cheer!! Available in Tank Top and Tee Shirt.



11. Strong AF Tank Top

So strong... right?! 



12. Vegan AF Tank Top

We don't judge. If all you need is plants to keep you going then all the power to you Available in 9 Colors.



Bonus Items

Hangry AF Sore AF But Still Motivated AF Tank Top

We all have those days where we wonder why we do it. Stay motivated.

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