The 12 Best Tank Tops, Gym Shirts and Leggings For Your Inner Gangster

The 12 Best Tank Tops, Gym Shirts and Leggings For Your Inner Gangster

Mic check one two one two. We know you love hip hop, we love it to. We love to throw on the head phones and zone out to a rap album during your gym session. You know what goes perfect with a gym session and rap music?? A great outfit. We have put together the 12 Best Tank Tops, Tee Shirts and Leggings for your inner gangster. So grab a tank and your favorite leggings, throw on your headphones and vibe out.  


1. Drink Coffee Put On Some Gangster Rap And Handle It Tank Top

Our mantra. Grab a cup of coffee, put on a soundtrack for your life and take care of business! Available in 9 colors! 



2.  Rap Legends Leggings

These leggings are super comfortable and have all of your favorite rap legends on them! So pour one out in these leggings to honor your fallen homies.


3.  Didn't They Tell You I Was A Savage? Tank Top

We can't keep our girl Rihanna out of this line up . Sizes S - XXL.


4. Running On Tupac & Caffeine Tank Top

We can't have a gangster rap blog without including Tupac.  Available in S - XXL


5. There's Not Enough Rap Songs About Staying In & Saving Your Money Tank Top

We know, we know. Lil Dicky gave you one song about saving money, but what about everyone else? Available in Tank and Tee Shirt.



6. Gun Strapped Leggings

These leggings don't have much to do with gangsta rap other than they look really cool. They are super comfortable and like all CVG leggings, they are SQUATS APPROVED!!



7. Good Girl With A Hood Playlist Tank Top

You know who you are. Available in 9 Colors. 



8. She's Got Mad Hustle & A Dope Soul Tank Top

Perfect for the rise and grind girl who humble roots. Available in Tee Shirt too!!


9. Housewife With A Little Thug Life Tank Top

You need to rep your block. We understand, hold it down. You're a ride or die chick.



10. I'm That Girl That Listens To Gangster Rap On The Way To The Farmers Market Tank Top

Gotta keep it hood, even on the way to the farmers market! Available in Tank Top and Tee Shirt.



11. Trying To Look Like A Rapper's Girlfriend Tank Top

Thug wife... right?! 



12. Damn It Feels Good To Be Gangster Tank Top

Perfect for the reppin' the streets. Available in 9 Colors.



Bonus Items

Sippin On Gym & Juice Tank Top

If you're rollin down the street, smoking endo, you obviously need the shirt that can keep pace.

I Love Barbells & 90's Rap Tank Top

Two things you love, lifting and hip hop.


Squats & Tupac Tank Top

Back on Tupac, he would appreciate a big booty. 

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