The 14 Most Comfortable Tank Tops and Leggings For Your Next Yoga Class

The 14 Most Comfortable Tank Tops and Leggings For Your Next Yoga Class

How great is Yoga? The perfect balance between stretching and breathing. Learning your strengths and weaknesses in a calm tranquil environment. Yoga can put you in some uncomfortable positions, but we have put together the 14 best tank tops and leggings to keep you comfortable and confident in your most vulnerable and compromising moments. Whether it's Bikram, beginners or hip hop yoga, these 14 shirts and yoga pants have you covered! 


1.   Peace Love & Yoga Tank Top

You're a lover, not a fighter. Keep the good vibes flowing with this comfortable tank. Available in 9 colors.



2.  Gun Strapped Leggings

Perfect length capri leggings that are NOT SEE THROUGH!! We got you covered!! Available in XS - XXL


3.  Namaste Bitches Tank Top

For the yogi with a sense of humor. Available in Tee Shirt too!


4. Badass Sports Bra

Stay full supported and unapproachable in this sports bra! Perfect for Bikram Yoga.


5. Constantly Varied Gear Headbands

These headbands are perfect for keeping your hair and sweat out of your eyes in all poses! Available with 33 Awesome Sayings!!



6. Vodka Is A Lot Like Yoga You'll End Up On The Ground Tank Top

For the yogi who enjoys the occasional drink. This tank transitions perfect from studio to the after party. Available in 9 colors.



7. Colorful Skull Leggings

Perfect leggings for all positions and situations! Colorful design will leave fellow yogis jealous.



8. Do Yoga Be Happy Shirt

Back to spreading good vibes. This shirt is perfect. Also available in tank top.


9. Comic Book Leggings

You can't speak much in yoga class, so let your pants do the talking! The comic book leggings are perfect for all workouts.



10. Is It Savasana Yet?

The best part of yoga class is savasana! Let your instructor know with this tank.



11. Motivated Leggings

These motivated leggings are perfect for any situation. Matches our motivated headband perfectly! Available from S - XL



12. Yoga Class? I Thought You Said Pour A Glass Tank Top

We have jokes! For the wino in your yoga class! Available in 9 colors.



13. Sugar Skull Leggings

Some kind of advanced yoga pose is going on in this picture. She is wearing our Sugar Skull leggings. They look great, and hold up in all poses!



14. Yoga Ninja Tank Top

For the advanced Yogi only. You don't want to call yourself a yoga ninja and not be able to hold the tree pose.


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