The 5 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Push-ups More Productive

The 5 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Push-ups More Productive

Push-Ups are some of the most underestimated workouts. They are also one of the most efficient and basic upper body exercises an individual can do. They might not seem as enticing as weightlifting, but push-ups will test your capability to produce upper body force and retain a rigid core at the same time. Push-ups stimulate your lats, delts, triceps and pecs. While it’s a fairly straightforward exercise, these 5 tips will help you get the most out of your push-ups!!


1. Squeeze Your Core

Squeeze or tighten your core to abstain from rounding your spinal column and performing banana push-ups. Imagine you are about to get punched hard in the stomach. Tightening your core diminishes the risk of injury by engaging surrounding muscles and enforcing a more neutral spinal column, turning your push-ups into a full body workout!


2. Pack Your Elbows

A common thought while doing push-ups is spreading your elbows wide. Though this may seem easier, this can result to rotator cuff and shoulder injuries. As an alternative, pack your elbows inwards towards your sides, with the aim of leaving a little space between your armpits. “Stack” the joints as you start every rep, with your hands underneath your elbows, and your elbows underneath your shoulders. This will enhance your long term shoulder strength, engage your lats and triceps more and create a better range of motion in your chest and shoulders. 



3. Push The “Earth” Away From You

Visualize pushing the ground away from you instead of pushing yourself off the floor. The force produced once you accomplish this converts into full body tension resulting to a bracing effect all over your body. Pushing the ground away from you will help you utilize more effort, making the push-up more of a full-body workout.



4. Do The Push-ups As a Finisher

Okay, now that you’re able to do a 100 pushups in one set, how many do you think you’ll be able to do after 20 sets of heavy weight lifting? Consider doing your push-ups at the end of your workouts instead of doing them as isolation workouts. When your body is tired, it will further engage your triceps and delts using this compound workout, you’ll attain great muscle breakdown in these muscle areas and burn more calories than usual. End your weight lifting session with a large set of 50 or 100 pushups, done as fast as possible and taking breaks only at complete muscle exhaustion. We know its hard, but you're doing this to get stronger!!



5. Grip the Floor

Do away with the tendency of having your fingers clamped together pointing straight-up. Try this alternative instead; adjust your hands so that your thumbs are facing one another. Subsequently, grip the floor and open your fingers.

This instantly:
· Tightens the triceps and lats.
· Creates extra tension.
· Helps engage more upper back muscles.

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