The Best 10 Tanks, Leggings and Sports Bras To Wear To Your Next HIIT Class

The Best 10 Tanks, Leggings and Sports Bras To Wear To Your Next HIIT Class

Most of us want the results of a solid exercise routine, but we also have excuses for why we are not exercising on a regular basis. HIIT can cancel out the excuses, and be the approach to exercise that we want. When we have busy lives, it can be difficult to fit workouts into our daily schedules. HIIT is the perfect solution. As high intensity interval training can take 30 minutes or less, it is easy to make time in the day for HIIT. Not only does HIIT produce results, we have faster results with this training. As calories are burned faster, it takes less time to lose weight. The effects of HIIT on the metabolism means calories will continue to burn for many hours after a workout. We find HIIT more fun when we wear these 10 tanks, leggings and sports bras! They are fun, comfortable and built for your next HIIT class.


1.   Mosaic Leggings

Perfect leggings for HIIT Training. Capri length allows your legs to breath and a phone pocket for all post workout activities! Available in XS - XXL.



2.  Maybe Swearing Will Help Tank Top

HIIT workouts are extremely hard. Swearing helps... This tank is a limited color and special open back design.


3.  HIIT Me Baby One More Time Tank Top

Perfect HIIT specific shirt for all Britney fans!! 


4. I've Never Seen Satan & My Trainer In A Room At The Same Time Just Saying... Tank Top

Pretty much a spot on description of your HIIT trainer... we know.  View here.


5. Reversible Skulls & Ombre Leggings

The only thing better than 1 pair of leggings, is 2 pairs of leggings... IN ONE!! Available in XS - XXL



6. HIIT It Then Quit It Tank Top

These tanks are flowy and breathable, perfect for HIIT workouts. Available in 9 Colors.



7. Sore Today Probably Sore Tomorrow Tank Top

Sore is life... This outfit helps though. Check it out here!



8. Badass Sports Bra

Sometimes you just have to let them know. Available in 4 sizes.


9. OK Fine, I'll Run But I'm Going To Complain The Whole Time Tank Top

I won't quit, but I will complain! Available with sleeves too!



10. Comic Book Leggings

Sometimes you need to be a superhero to get through your HIIT. Available XS - XXL. 


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