The Best 15 Tanks, Leggings and Bras Designed To Dominate Your Roller Derby Match

The Best 15 Tanks, Leggings and Bras Designed To Dominate Your Roller Derby Match

We love roller derby!! More than roller derby, we love the athletes that play roller derby!! Just 10 skaters, cruising around looking to take someone’s head off and win the affection of the ref. We understand, you crave the contact! We have 15 awesome tanks, leggings and sports bras to help you dominate your next match. Funny, affordable and designed to dominate, these tanks will keep you out of the penalty box and into the winner’s circle. Well… we can’t promise that, but we can promise you will be the envy of your team and your opponent!!


1.   Eat. Sleep. Skate. Repeat. Tank Top

This shirt defines the life of a derby queen. It's our basic human instinct. Available in 9 colors.



2.  Black Moto Leggings

These leggings are absolutely perfect for derby. They have vents for cooling and even have pockets! Available in XS-XXL.


3.  Vibrant Skull Sports Bra

You need support when you are trying to swim past a line of blockers. We have a whole line of colorful patterns and bad ass sayings on our bras. 9 Designs Available.


4. Fuck Blockers Get Points Tank Top

So you want to be a jammer huh? This tank is for you!


5. Strong Curvy & Made For Derby Tank Top

Strong is the new skinny. We like to think we were born for derby! Available in S - XXL



6. Lip Skull Shorts

Leggings aren't your thing? We have a whole line of colorful, comfortable shorts available. Available in 10 Designs!  #wearthedamnshorts



7. Don't Be A Hater, Be A Roller Skater Tank Top

For the more playful teammate, we have funny shirts too. Shop this shirt here!



8. He's Pointing At Me Bitch Tank Top

You know you earned that point. Let them bitches know!! Available in 9 colors.


9. Talk Derby To Me Tank Top

Play on words, but not really... We just like to talk derby. Sizes S - XXL.



10. Bitches Be Trippin' Tank Top

We've all done it. Whether you're the tripper or the tripee.. This tank pairs perfectly with our Ombre and Skulls reversible leggings.



11. Never Trust 8 Wheels & A Smile Tank Top

For the bad chick who has a bit of a dangerous side. Available in 9 colors.



12. Constantly Varied Gear Headbands

Transition seamlessly from the rink to the after party with our stylish headbands. Available in 33 Styles.



13. One Team, One Goal Tank Top

Let's get freakin' jacked up!! Teamwork makes the dream work. Available in 9 Colors.



14. You Snooze You Bruise Tank Top

Stay woke. Available in S-XXL.



15. Mermaid Leggings

Don't let the hard exterior fool you... inside every derby queen is a mermaid!! Shop here!!


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