The Hottest 14 Tank Tops and Leggings for Squats and Leg Day

The Hottest 14 Tank Tops and Leggings for Squats and Leg Day

Squats are one of the best exercises you can do at the gym. They build a stable base to support your body during the rest of your training regiment.  They also give you those great booty gainz we all strive for! However, squats can be painful! We want you to be comfortable on leg day, so we have put together the 14 best tank tops and leggings for your next squat session! So grab a tank top & those Squat Proof leggings, grab a partner and hit the squat rack. Your booty will thank you later.


1.   Do Your Squats Eat Your Veggies And Don't Let Boys Be Mean To You Tank Top

Words to live by! Available in 9 colors.



2.  My Squats Are Deeper Than Your Emotions Tank Top

If you don't go past parallel, it's not worth it. Seen here with the Voodoo Mesh Sports Bra and Like A Boss Headband.


3.  Reversible Ombre & Skull Leggings

The perfect outfit for squatting. Not see through, and two pairs in one! Available in XS - XXL


4. I Didn't Choose The Thick Thigh Life The Thick Thigh Life Chose Me Tank Top

Squats give you thick thighs. Wear them like a badge of honor! Available in Tee Shirt too!


5. Hands Like A Lumberjack Ass Like A Pornstar Tank Top

If you have the ass of a pornstar, it doesn't matter what your hands are like. Available in S - XXL.



6. Boys Are Whatever Squats Are Forever Tank Top

Why waste your time chasing and worrying about boys, when you can just focus on your squats and they will chase you. Available in 9 colors.



7. I Lift Weights And Curse A Lot But I Do It Like A Fucking Lady Shirt

Caution - Squats may lead to swearing. Available in Tank Top too!



8. #LiftHeavy Leggings

Straight to the point . 


9. I'm No Supermodel But I Could Easily Squat One Tank Top

Strong is the new skinny. You could easily squat those skinny models. Available in XS - XXL



10. You Make My Knees Weak! J/K Yesterday Was Leg Day! Tank Top

It's nice to make them feel needed. But squats are the only thing you need.



11. Yeah No Don't Put Me Down For Cadio Tank Top

We squat to get a bigger booty. We aren't going to throw that away with cardio. Available from XS - XXL



12. Oh My Quad Becky Look At Her Squat Tank Top

Baby got back. Available in 9 colors.



13. OMG Becky Leggings

These leggings should match that above shirt well! Available in S - XL



14. Forget Skinny I'm Training To Become A Badass Tank Top

We are trying to tell you, strong is the new skinny. Don't worry about the lbs, just be healthy! Available in Tee Shirt too.


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