The 11 Most Sarcastic Workout Shirts on the Internet

The 11 Most Sarcastic Workout Shirts on the Internet

Are you sarcastic? We all like to have fun with our fellow runners, yoga goers and weight lifting partners, but now you can be sarcastic with everyone you see at the gym in these stylish tank tops. Be the star of spin class or the class clown of the half marathon, everyone you see will crack a smile with these funny tops!!


1.   Things I Have Going For Me: Resting Bitch Face, Thick Thighs and Sarcasm  

Tell people a little about yourself with this awesome tank. Straight to the point.



2.  Fitness Level: Not Terrible But Definitely Enjoys Donuts

You go to the gym but you enjoy the occasional glazed donut. Big deal.


3.  Does Running Out Of Fucks Count As Cardio?

We think it should count as cardio because cardio sucks.


4. But Did You Die Though?

That work out was super hard, but did you die?


5. I Run Better Than The Government

Times like these call for shirts like these... 



6. If I've Ever Offended You I'm Sorry... That You're A Little Bitch

Sorry, I'm not sorry.



7. Sorry I'm Late! I Didn't Want To Come...

Every gym session ever  



8. My Sports Bra Works Out Harder Than You

Its true... my sports bra is working hard


9. Yeah No Don't Put Me Down For Cardio

As already established with #3... Cardio Sucks.



10. You Make My Knees Weak! J/K Yesterday Was Leg Day!

Gotta love this one... I mean we love our men, but nothing makes the knees wobble like leg day



11. Namast'ay In Bed

For the yogies... who would rather sleep in



12. I Run Embarrassingly Short Distances

I run all the time. Not far, but I run.



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