The Top 7 Super Foods You Need To Increase Your Metabolism

The Top 7 Super Foods You Need To Increase Your Metabolism

Is it getting increasingly hard to shed off the extra pounds? As we age, our metabolism slows
down and our bodies respond with storing excess fatty tissue. Relax, there is good news. You can eat
your way to an improved, fat burning metabolism! How? Start eating these seven metabolism boosting
foods more often! These are the top 7 super foods you need to increase your metabolism. It won't be easy, but we promise these will help. 


1.   Blueberries

Blueberries are yummy treats packed with antioxidants that prevent oxidation – a chemical process that can inhibit fat loss and other things. They help fight against this nasty burden and boost metabolism! Add them to your oatmeal – another metabolism boosting food – or eat them as a snack.



2.  Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids are a high component of salmon and positively affect a hormone that regulates your metabolism. Aside from that, they also provide vitamin B12, protein, selenium, vitamin B6, niacin, and magnesium. There are many healthy ways to cook salmon; like oven-baked or in a crockpot.


3.  Spinach

Many people leave spinach to Popeye but if they want to potentially increase their fat burn by
approximately thirty-percent, they can benefit from spinach’s high fiber content. Also, it can improve
motor and learning skills. Add dry spinach leaves to salads or cook them in a creamy dumpling soup.


4. Whey Protein

This specific protein is the top form of protein and supplies amino acids. Plus, it plays a role like an
antioxidant. It’s great for fat loss and muscle building when intake is paired with exercise. Whey protein is commonly added to milk or water to make a tasty protein shake.


5. Chili Peppers

Add spice to your food by choosing any chili pepper. Capsaicin – the chemical making peppers hot –
encourages energy expenditure; forcing more calories to burn. They do this by causing physical
responses like an increased heart rate. Cook them with your omelet or steak.



6. Almonds

These little delights are jam-packed with macro-nutrients and good calories. Approximately a handful of them can give you an excellent dose of fiber and vitamin E. They keep you full and encourage your
metabolism to work. Put some in your cereal or salad.



7. Dark Chocolate

If you need little sweets, eat dark chocolate – moderately. It’s high in raw cacao that stimulates
adiponectin; a fat-burning hormone. Take a nibble here and there while skipping a day or two in



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