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Has your obsession with working out reached an almost comical level?  If you're not sure check out the workout memes below.  If you can relate to most of them then chances are you're a fitness addict.  Don't worry, it's not the worst thing in the world.


1. You can't walk after leg day.




2. You work out basically so you can eat more. 



3. You've stopped do anything that doesn't invlove the gym. 



4. Seeing results make you even more gym obsessed. 



5. You're sick of hearing people ask why you work out. 



6. You're constantly carrying around a water bottle. 



7. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, but you don't care. 



8. You've created an unhealthy relationship with your supplements. 



9. You complain more about calories than anything else. 



10. You will never miss a squat day. 



11. You're fed up with people trying to tell how you to work out. 



12. Gotta eat to make them gains! 



13. People always assume you have a special secret. 



14. You're basically used to being sore 24/7. 



15. But some things are just impossible still. 



16. Everyone who doesn't lift is just annoying. 



17. You'll talk to anyone who wants to hear about your workouts. 



18. Mainly because none of your friends work out with you. 



19. Oh look, leg day again! 



20. Sometimes you're just too tired to get to the gym. 



21. But you always remember the progress that you've made. 



22. And you wish your friends were there with you. 


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