Leggings That Aren't See Through

Leggings That Aren't See Through



The truth is the majority of the "workout" leggings that are out there are not actually good for working out.  It's a difficult thing to find leggings that aren't see through when you squat, bend over or stretch.


Which is why Constantly Varied Gear will be your new favorite leggings.  CVG leggings are truly "workout" leggings.  Bend, stretch and yes, even squat without having to worry about a thing in these leggings that aren't see through and that stay up. As we like to say, Constantly Varied Gear leggings are squats approved.  But don't take our word for it, take a look at what our customers are saying:

"I love these leggings! You can't see through them and they stay up while I'm working out. Definitely recommend."


"These babies fit like a glove and are totally squat proof.  Love rocking them!"


"From power lifting and roller derby to mountain biking and skiing, I have worn every legging known to womankind and these are the best ones yet. The fit is snug but not in a muffin-top forming way, the waistband does not roll down- which has been my biggest complaint with other workout leggings and they don't fall down when doing intense cardio. I'm a meaty gal and they are truly flattering. The skulls are still skulls when I pull them on, not some stretched out silly putty wannabe skull and they are 100% squat approved! Because I spend so much in workout clothes, I tend to spend my cash at discount shops that offer top-brand names. FORGET it. I'm buying from Constantly Varied Gear from now on. Plus, I can tell their leggings will last a lifetime!"


"LOVE these leggings. Super cute AND comfy. They stay in place and are squat-worthy (you can't see through them during squats)."


"I just LOVE these leggings.  They feel so soft and amazing on and off!! Totally squat approved from a bigger bum perspective."


Try them out and never skip another leg day again in fear of see through leggings.  We promise we'll be your new favorite workout gear company once you try these leggings that aren't see through and that stay up!




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