How To Do V-ups - Workout Exercises

How To Do V-ups - Workout Exercises


how to do v-ups


1.  Lay flat on your back.  Legs flat on the ground.  Arms stretched out above your head also on the ground.

2.  Lift legs off the ground while keeping them straight.

3.  Raise arms and upper body.  This is to be done at the same time as step 2.

4.  Touch fingers to your toes.

5.  Bring legs, upper body and arms back to the ground.


The v-up is a moderately difficult but very effective ab workout.  Be sure to keep a good position by maintaining a tight body position.

This may be a difficult move for some people so we have also included a modification for this movement.  Check out the video.

V-ups can be done by themselves but for best results pair high rep v-ups with 1, 2 or even 3 other movements such as air squats, pull-ups or burpees.

     Kelsea is wearing our Comic Book leggings in this video.


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