The Top 14 Funniest Shirts For Girls With Thick Thighs

The Top 14 Funniest Shirts For Girls With Thick Thighs

Thick Thighs make the world go round.  We believe thick thighs are awesome and we want everyone to know it!  We love Thick Thighs so much we made a podcast about it! So we have compiled a list of the Top 14 shirts funniest shirts & tanks for girls with thick thighs, because we know that with great thighs comes great responsibility.


1.   Things I Have Going For Me: Resting Bitch Face, Thick Thighs and Sarcasm Tank Top

Never has a shirt touched so many people. Take me as I am. 



2.  Thick Thighs, Thin Patience Tank Top

The Ying and the Yang. Sums up your strengths and weaknesses on one shirt.


3.  I Didn't Choose The Thick Thigh Life The Thick Thigh Life Chose Me Tank Top

Maybe she was born with it... the thick thigh life is not for the weak at heart.


4. Thunder Thighs? Bitch I Got Wonder Thighs Tank Top

Let them know you are not ashamed of your thighs. Clap for yourself.


5. I Could Deadlift You Shirt

Let them know what those marvelous thighs and hamstrings can do.



6. Thigh Gap? Bitch I Lift Tank Top

What kind of question is that?



7. I'm No Supermodel But I Could Easily Squat One Tank Top

It's not easy showing these supermodels what you are made of. It takes a nice set of legs.



8. Cardio? Bitch I Lift Tank Top

Cardio is not the strong suit of a thick thigh enthusiast. We prefer to move short distances and pick up heavy things.


9. Thick Thighs Save Lives Tank Top

Truer words have never been spoken. You are a super hero.



10. Oh My Quad Becky Look At Her Squat Tank Top

Oh My Quad did you see her thighs?



11. Thighs As Big As My Dreams Tank Top

Keep the thighs big, keep the dreams big.



12. Thigh Gap Or Booty? Is It Really A Question? #Squat Tank Top

I mean how perfect is this shirt. It really isn't up for debate!



13. Every Time A Girl Squats A Unicorn Gets Its Horn Tank Top

It's true, the thick thighs keep our magical creatures alive.



14. My Thighs Are So Sexy They Can't Stop Touching Each Other Tank Top

It makes so much sense now. 




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