The 15 Best Skull Shirts, Leggings and Sports Bras For Your Workout

The 15 Best Skull Shirts, Leggings and Sports Bras For Your Workout

The skull has been the centerpiece of Constantly Varied Gear since the very beginning. The sugar skull is a perfect representation of what we do. Detailed and complex but representing simplicity and fun. We work hard to bring you the best tank tops, leggings and sports bras to help you get through those tough workouts. We know you work just as hard, putting our products to the test day in and day out. We have designed these 15 skull oriented tank tops, leggings, shirts and sports bras for you to enjoy and help you get through that last mile, last rep or even just get through the last 15 minutes at work! Enjoy! 


1.   Sugar Skull - But Did You Die Though? Tank Top

This shirt is the perfect mix of Sugar Skull and workout tank! Pairs well with all of our sugar skull leggings. Available in 9 colors.



2.  Sugar Skull Leggings

Comfortable and colorful. What more can a girl want? Available in S-XL.


3.  Camo Skulls And Badass Reversible Leggings

The only thing better than one pair of skull leggings, is 2 pairs in 1!! Camo skulls on one side, badass on the inside!! 


4. CVG Skull And Crossbones Shirt

This logo'd shirt is one of our most popular designs. It simple and right to the point. Seen here paired with our Black and White Skull Leggings.


5. CVG Logo Skull Tank Top

We couldn't think of a better saying to go with this scary badass skull! Available in S - XXL



6. Lip Skull Shorts

Awesome new design on our workout shorts. Super comfortable, Available in 10 Designs! 



7. Black and White Skull Leggings

Seen in #4. These leggings give the classic look to any skull loving girl. Pair well with one of our 33 headbands.



8. Brains, Beauty and Badass Determination Skull Kettlebell Tank Top

You will be motivated AF in this tank top. Perfect for kettle bell workouts or just dominating a regular workout. Available in 9 colors.


9. Love Skull Logo Tank Top

This is another logo'd tank, but more on the fun side. Can't you see the love in his eyes? Sizes XS - XXL.



10. Vibrant Skull Sports Bra

You're a badass, wear it on your sports bra. Pairs perfectly with our Ombre and Skulls reversible leggings.



11. Sunshine Mixed With A Little Hurricane Skull Tank Top

For the bad chick who has a bit of a dangerous side. Available in 9 colors.



12. Boujee Skull Tank Top

This fancy take on a sugar skull is for the beautiful but deadly woman. Can you find the hidden logo?



13. CVG Logo Skull Tank Top

Represent your favorite brand with this CVG Logo Skull Shirt. You have to admit, the logo is pretty badass. Available in Men's Too!!



14. Rap Legend Leggings

Maybe you like your skulls with a personality! These skulls your favorite fallen rap legends. Available in S-XXL.



15. Decal Skull Logo Tank Top

Another version of our sugar skull features this handsome guy. Fun and festive, rock your newest CVG logo tank with pride! Available in 9 colors.


Bonus Items

Colorful Skull Leggings

More on the fun side, these leggings have great color! These leggings are retiring soon so be sure to get them while supplies last! They pair perfectly with our sports bras, as seen above with our Savage Sports Bra.


Be The Best Fuck The Rest Skull Tank Top

We couldn't think of a better saying to go with this scary badass skull! Available in S - XXL

Remember That You Are Stronger Than You Think Tank Top


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