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The Unlimited Benefits Of Kettlebell Swings

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How often are you doing Kettlebell Swings?

If the answer isn't every-freakin-day then you need to do more!  Check our quick tip video for more info...



Here's some great ideas to get in your kettlebell swings...

  • 20 kettlebell swings is a great warm up routine. Pick a medium weight and preform this for a full body warm-up.
  • Pick a weight that allows you to preform 50 unbroken kettlebell swings. When the set of 50 is complete, rest for 2 minutes and do another set of 50 unbroken. Do this once a week to help you build grip strength and improve your technique. 
  • 20 kettlebell swings will a medium weight can be a great cool down after deadlifts. KBS help you warm and stretch the lower back muscles that become taxed during deadlifts.

*NOTE* Do not do all of these suggestions in 1 day.  Mix them up.  Moderation!


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