Why You Should Add Thrusters To Your Workout

Why You Should Add Thrusters To Your Workout

Are you looking for a new movement to add to your workouts?  Check our quick tip video for more info...

Here's some additional benefits from adding Thrusters to your workout...

  • Improved Front Squats.
  • Improved Push Press.
  • Increased balance and core stability.
  • Increased cardio stamina.

*NOTE* Thrusters can be performed at many different weights. Pick a lighter weight at increased reps for increased cardio. Pick a heavier weight with less reps for increased strength and difficulty.


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The Ultimate Thruster Workout

Want to do the ultimate thruster workout? It's going to suck, but ok!


We suggest Fran!

Fran is 21-15 - 9 reps of thrusters and pull-ups.

Fran is a full body workout that includes squatting, pushing and pulling for maximum benefit. Make sure to pick a weight you find challenging on the thrusters and pace yourself. If you can do pull-ups, visit the CVG Movement Library for scales. Good luck!


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