Open Reflection - What’s Next?

Open Reflection - What’s Next?



Alright.  That’s it! We are done.  5 week all-encompassing test of fitness and we have made it to the end.  Let's look back.

You were nervous, excited, angry, disappointed, shocked, proud.  All within the 5 weeks and maybe within a single workout.

Let's talk about this for a second.  Many of you signed up not knowing what you were getting yourself in for, but accepted the challenge anyway.  We all go into the open together, but what we really know is that it's you against YOU. No one else will remember the workout that crushed your soul, ignited a fire or where you finished. It's you against the person you were last year, yesterday or the week before.  It's reaching for more. Racing against the clock trying to prove your fitness no matter what is going on around you.  At the call of 3-2-1-GO there are no excuses or boundaries. There is only what you have prepared for and how far you are willing to push.  Will you push through the burning in your legs? Jump up to the bar when you can't breathe? Hold on for just one more rep? Get up when you think you can't?  

One rep or one second is everything in the open, but isn't that life? A small act of kindness can turn a day around.  A good choice can change a mindset. Ordinary actions done well daily breed success.

Everything is Everything.  This is the crossfit moto. Every rep counts, every second counts, every workout counts, everything you do shapes the person you are.  Integrity is everything. If you shave reps in your daily workout; you are not demonstrating integrity. If you don't hold yourself accountable to standards; it comes out in the open.  If you haven't put in the work or addressed a weakness; it comes out in the open. If you don't push past the uncomfortable you will never grow. If you don't reach for more you will never get there. 

Accountability, perseverance, hard work, determination, and strength we see these attributes manifest themselves in every workout daily.  It does not matter your fitness or ability level. It only matters you are pushing your own limits. Everything IS Everything.

If you want to be a great mom, business owner, chef, CEO, boot camp instructor, doctor.  Whatever you want to do apply these attributes and it will translate to greatness.

These are all lessons we want to teach our children, but are we living them?  Show them what it looks like to lead a healthy life, set goals, and achieve them.  When it gets hard you don't lighten the load or cheat your reps. You get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  You don't stop when you are tired you stop when you are done. You raise the bar and expectations for yourself.  You rise to the challenge.

It's time to reflect and set the bar for yourself.  A year from now what do you want to see? How do you want to go into this test next year?  Stronger? Faster? More Confident? When pull-ups come up next year, what do you want to say?  "Hell Yes. I have been working on these time to show it!"

Every choice you make from now until then will either move you closer to your goals or further away.  You decide.

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