The 10 Best Tanks And Leggings For The Gym Going Mermaid

The 10 Best Tanks And Leggings For The Gym Going Mermaid

Do you have gadgets and gizmos a plenty? Whozits and whatzits galore? We understand. It is tough to be trapped in a human body all the while knowing that you were born for the sea. We all have an inner mermaid that is waiting to be released. We could spend our time roaming the ocean and sunbathing, that is the dream. But while we are trapped on land, we need to do our best to release the mermaid within with these 10 Tank Tops, Tee Shirts and Leggings for the mermaid in you! These leggings and tanks are perfect for the gym or the beach. You don't need any more thingamabobs, you've got 20, buy some workout gear!


1.   Mermaid Leggings

Our mermaid leggings are stylish, comfortable and even have an awesome cell phone pocket!! We are stocked up, but they will sell out, so order today!! Available in XS - XXL.



2.  Kinda Pissed About Not Being A Mermaid Tank Top

This awesome picture from one of our customers sums it all up for us. Available in Tank and Tee Shirt.


3.  I'm Done Adulting Let's Be Mermaids Tank Top

This is one of our most popular shirts, so we made it in two styles!! Pictured above is our new open back tank (available only in grey)!! If this style isn't your thing, we still have the old flowy style tank available in 9 colors.


4. Mermaid Headband

The mermaid head band is perfect for those difficult workouts when you need your hair controlled. Also perfect for under sea activities. View here.


5. Mermaid AF Tank Top

Let your friends know with this Mermaid AF tank. It's obvious you were born for the sea. It's available in 9 colors.



6. Mermaid Shorts

It may be too hot to workout in leggings, so play in short instead! You gave your voice to get legs, you should show them off. Available in 3 sizes.



7. Mermaid Hair And Salty Air Tank Top

Nothing says summer like this perfect combination. Check it out here!



8. I'm Sorry I Can't Run I'm A Mermaid Tank Top

The mermaid excuse can get you out of a lot of things, including cardio. Available in 9 colors.


9. There's A Million Fish In The Sea But I'm A Mermaid Tank Top

You can flip the odds in your favor pretty quickly by saying this quote. Works every time! Available with sleeves too!



10. Mermaids Don't Do Burpees Tank Top

We told you in #8 that the mermaid excuse can get you out of a lot. Burpees are difficult with no legs. Available S - XXL.



Bonus Items

The Ocean Made Me Salty Tank Top

 The ocean is our home, but it also made us very salty. Available in 9 colors.



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