Train Like A Hero - Preparation for Murph - Week 2

Train Like A Hero - Preparation for Murph - Week 2


Train Like A Hero Programming

Week 2
Congrats for making it through week 1!  You're 1 step closer to crushing your goals.  Now onto week 2.  This week we will be increasing our endurance with a bit of a longer run.  We will also increase our air squats to get a little closer to what those 300 air squats are going to feel like on the day you do Murph.

Be sure to challenge yourself on the pull ups and push ups.  If you are modifying to jumping pull ups or push ups from a box you should make them as difficult as possible.  You'll be happy you did in a few weeks!


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400 Meter Run (¼ mile)
50 Air Squats
10 Strict Pull-ups (or 5 challenging jumping deficit pull-ups)
10 Push-ups (or 10 challenging box push-ups)
400 Meter Run (¼ mile)
10 Push-ups (or 10 challenging box push-ups)
10 Strict Pull-ups (or 5 challenging jumping deficit pull-ups)
50 Air Squats
400 Meter Run (¼ mile)


*NOTE* This workout is only meant to be done ONCE.  The remainder of the week should be your normal training.

For standards and a "how to" for each movement please see our Exercise Movement Library



1) Back Squats - 4 x 6

2) Pull ups (or Jumping Pull ups with a slow descent) 4 x 8



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Good Luck!! Post your results below!


Thank you for checking out our Train Like A Hero - 4 Weeks of Murph Training. We have 2 more weeks coming up, but for more great workouts by Constantly Varied Gear, check out our Fitness Programming By CVG Facebook page with weekly workouts to win free gear!

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